I love stories. I love listening and learning about how the world around us has developed. It only makes sense that I have a fascination with learning about both business and design. From listening to podcasts about how businesses are made to learning about a product’s history, understanding the whole picture of how the world is shaped, and how it came to be is fascinating to me.

Design and art have always been my calling. From a young age, I spent a lot of time both drawing and making creations with various building tools. In high school, if you wanted to find me, all you needed to do was check the art studio. In college, constant projects and classes fueled my curiosity and creativity. One of my favorite parts of the studio environment is just being able to strike up a conversation with other designers to hear what projects they are working on. This has been amplified with my current position as a Fusion 360 student ambassador. While I help with outreach and help students with Fusion 360 questions, it is always exciting to troubleshoot and learn about what projects they are working on. In May 2021, I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Industrial Designer with minors in Communication, Entrepreneurship, and Business Administration.

I am currently studying at the Rochester Institute of Technology working my way towards my Master in Business Administration. Not only do I enjoy learning how businesses operate, but I also love seeing the big picture of how projects are developed from customer research, to the business plan, to the execution.

Looking ahead, I cannot wait to continue my story where I can apply my passion for design and interest in business at a company the encourages creating thinking and exciting collaboration.

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