Harrison Canning and Colin Fausnaught (The BCI Guys) are neurotech researchers, entrepreneurs, and educators motivated to create a brain-controlled future. Driven by this mission, they founded The BCI Guys LLC as a media company dedicated to removing the barrier to entry and increasing interest in the field of neurotechnology. It produces engaging, sensational, digestible, and informative content via YouTube, podcasts, and blog posts. Its aim is to lead the conversation around neurotechnology through a science-based approach and conveying what is possible, while also conveying the tremendous potential of brain-computer interface and neuromodulation technologies.

Colin Fausnaught

Intensely curious, and constantly working on a multitude of projects; an all-consuming passion for success and personal development is my driving force. Hoping to learn as much as possible both in and outside traditional education to quickly iterate and become a well-rounded businessman.

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Harrison Canning

Resilient, innovative, entrepreneurial, and a passionate student of life. I like to work on the so-called impossible problems. I am deeply dedicated to the advancement of brain-computer interface devices and my mission is to lead the industry to large-scale clinical and commercial adoption and drive the next technological revolution.

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