Foundations of Neurotechnology Course

This course provides a fundamental understanding of how neurotechnology works, and provides students with a basic understanding of neurotechnology and brain-computer interfaces building a solid knowledge base so that students will be able to define neurotechnology, learn of the applications and use cases from medical to recreational, understand who does or will use neurotechnology, learn about many different types of brain-interfaces and how they work, gain a basic neuroscience understanding through a neurotechnologist lens, engage in ethical questions related to the field, engage in transhumanist philosophy, learn about current companies and business opportunities within the field, and get access to resources to further learn about or start your journey in neurotech.

We Are Neurotech

The We Are Neurotech project shows the diversity of thought in the field of neurotechnology. It is a compilation of short video answers to some basic interest questions answered by researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.