The We Are Neurotech Project will represent the diversity of thought and multidisciplinary nature of the field of neurotechnology. It will be a compilation of perspectives on the following basic questions:

  1. What do you do within neurotech?

  1. How did you get into neurotech?

  1. What did you wish you knew when getting started in the field?

  1. What is the most exciting future application of neurotechnology in your opinion? (dream a little)

  1. What is the most exciting current application of neurotechnology?

  1. What does Neurotech need right now / biggest problems facing neurotech?

  1. What would it take for you to use a neurotech device everyday? What functionality would you need? / Would you get a brain implant like Neuralink if it had the functionality?

  1. What's your favorite sci-fi movie that features neurotechnology/brain-computer interfaces?

  1. What scares you the most about future neurotechnologies? Is there an ethical boundary that we should not cross?

  1. What is your definition of a cyborg? Are we cyborgs already?

We encourage students, researchers, professors, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and futurists to answer these questions. We will compile your responses into a website that looks like a video chat -- except each tile is a short video response to a question. Each question will have its own page with many responses. Here is an example of what it might look like:

Each tile will be a 30 - 90 second video clip answering the page question. Users can click on each tile to watch a video response. They can click "rooms" to navigate to other question pages.

Can you help us?

We want to hear from you! If you have demonstrated interest/work in neurotech, please share your thoughts. We really hope this can be a good way to share ideas and get connected.

How to submit videos

  1. Want to chat? Fill out the Calendly link to schedule a Zoom meeting. Make sure to email thebciguys@gmail.com too so we can prepare.

    1. https://calendly.com/d/ynnb-v3m4/bci-guys-meeting

  2. Send in your answers to the aforementioned questions via the instructions below.

To share your videos, please fill out the following form. You may choose to answer as many questions as you like. Please record them in landscape mode and make sure that your head and shoulders are visible (remember, we want this to look like a video chat). We want this to be causal, so while you should think about what you want to say, please do not read from a script. Do your best to keep your responses between 30-90 seconds (if you run just over or under that is ok).

Your name tag will be displayed at the bottom left of the screen. If you would like to add a title and/or socials, you may include that information as well.

Your participation does not guarantee that your video will make it on the website (we will review the content first). If your video is selected, we will reach out to you by email. You have the right at any time to request that your video be taken down. The videos will be cycled through over time as we get more responses.